Progressive Slots

Many players play exclusively on progressive slots. The progressive jackpot is made up of a percentage of the bets bet by each player for each spin, the jackpot increases over time each time a player plays on the slot machine with this bonus. The more spins there are, the bigger the jackpot, it can sometimes reach several million euros as is the case with the Mega Fortune slot machine from Netent known for its big jackpots! Hopefully you will become the next player to receive this award. Often, the gain is triggered by a wheel of fortune or by obtaining 5 special symbols aligned on the reels. Here is the list of progressive slots.


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Where to find the best progressive slots?

The progressive slot machines are very sought after by the players who wish to try their chance to win the jackpot, in addition to providing regular winnings, they give the opportunity to win an insane amount which could change a life ! The chances of winning the jackpot on a progressive slot machine are very slim, as is finding the right lottery numbers, but that does not prevent some perseverers from testing these games or even focusing their attention exclusively on this category of game, because why not put all your chances on his side to collect the most possible gain?

There are many progressive slots, but some are more popular than others and could tempt you more, here are the main casino games that offer a progressive jackpot. First, there is Mega Moolah from Microgaming which is wreaking havoc, this progressive jackpot game is considered to be the best in the industry. At Netent, we find the famous Mega Fortune and its second version Mega Fortune Dreams, these two essential slot machines open the doors of the bling bling world and luxury evenings, their low and average volatility allow frequent wins, but the majority of players know what they are looking for when playing these two games: the jackpot often reaches several millions. Cosmic Fortune and Divine Fortune also belong to the publisher Netent and offer interesting progressive jackpots especially since their gameplay, graphics and bonus options are exceptional. Another jackpot worth winning is that of the Joker Millions slot machine from Yggdrasil Gaming, its appearance resembles that of a fruit slot, this game hides a jackpot that is triggered few times every year, but which reaches attractive amounts every time. Test free progressive slots here and tell us which one is your favorite!