Online Slots Paylines

Each free slot machine has a number of paylines. A payline is a way of winning a payout on the slot machine. These lines are built on the reels and can become winning when they go from left to right or from right to left by accumulating several identical symbols (most of the time at least 3 identical symbols are necessary to trigger a gain on a pay line. ). We did not ask ourselves the question when designing the first slot machines for the number of paylines, it was always equal to 1 and visible by a horizontal red line. From now on, you will be able to see the number of lines displayed either on the sides of the slot machine or at the buttons at the bottom.

Today, slot machines have vertical pay lines and go in both directions, there are currently 1 to 50 pay lines, sometimes 100 paylines and for some special casino games 243 or 720 ways to win. You, as a player, will have to bet on a number of paylines, slot machines allow you to control the number by changing the parameters, however it is always better strategically speaking to play on the entire slot machine and therefore to leave all the lines by default. The number of credits that you will bet will correspond to the number of credits bet per line, which means that if you have 50 lines, you will have to multiply this number of credits by 50 to get your total bet, so pay attention to this aspect to not not have unpleasant surprises and prefer tokens with a small value coin.

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In this section, you can select the slot machines according to the number of payment lines you want. As a general rule, those with few lines are old machines while those with many are rather tight machines or even new slot machines. So click on the link you want to find all the slot machines corresponding to the number of lines you want.